Kitesurfing Hungary

Ice board Blade

I got the honor to test out the Ice Board Blade. It is the product of Trawe, a Hungarian fellow kitesurfer. It is actually 4 piece of iceblades that you can install to any kind of board. It will be… Continue Reading →

Snowkite Hungary 2018

Unbelievable conditions in Hungary for snowkiteing. We haven’t had these conditions since I know this sport. At the end of February at Tés (pleteau in West-Hungary) we had ~40cm deep snow with a 15-20knots wind. With the Kiteline team we… Continue Reading →

Results of SurfStation Big Air 2017

After 7 months of battle the Hungarian all season long Kitesurf Big Air competition ended and the award ceremony was held at the organizer’s shop. We are happy to announce that our rider: Tomi won the competition with the highest jumps… Continue Reading →

Over 20 meters

As we were getting close to the end of the Hungarian Woo Big Air competition (#surfstationbigair2017) Tomi still needed a jump of at least 16.2m to lead the competition. The average of the best 2 jumps count, so despite Tomi… Continue Reading →

Summer in Hungary

Summer in Hungary Tomi shows his stunts in kitesurfing while the secret spots of Hungary is visible. Check out the video.  

Balaton Királyai

On the last weekend of the waiting period the Hungarian Kitesurf Cup took place on Balaton. Also know as the Balaton Királyai (King of the Balaton). Tomi from our team achieved some nice results. Last weekend everybody gathered at Balaton… Continue Reading →

Tomi on RRD National Team

It is an honor to announce that Tomi is officially in the RRD national team now. After a short communication between the heads of RRD Kite Team they decided to add Tomi to their RRD Kite National Team. After his achievements… Continue Reading →

Hungarian Woo Big Air Contest – #surfstationbigair2017

After an awesome start for the season it looks like the Hungarian kitesurfing competitions get some highlight. First the Hungarian Kitesurf association announced a Hungarian Kitesurfing Cup and a National Championship Weekend. The chances that those weekends are going to… Continue Reading →

Perfect Tuesday – video from Gergő Ónodi

A wind coming from the South is really a present in Hungary. Not only because we can kitesurf in Sukoro (Velence) but also we can fell warm air. We had the first session in this year when we were wearing T-shirt… Continue Reading →

Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Video Entry

Ruben Lenten organizes the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge every year. A kitesurfing competition with the moto of: Vertical, Horizontal, Radical. Basically the winner is the rider who makes the highest jump with the most extreme kiteloop. The Redbull Megaloop Challenge will… Continue Reading →

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