About the AE – Adrenaline & Endorphin team

The Adrenaline & Endorphin Team is a gatheration of hungarian extreme sport athletes and fanatics. The guys who decided to make an ‘official’ team love the lifestyle of all the extreme and alternate sports that involves a lot of Adrenaline and Endorphin.

The team basically focuses on kitesurfing and snowboarding. Any other adrenaline junkie activity can appear in it’s life.

History of the AE – Adrenaline & Endorphin team

The name was chosen by Tomi and Dávid in 2013. They had been sporting together since 2002. These two guys almost only do some sports or speak about extreme sports when they are together. So they decided to make their own team.


First time snowboarding together (2009)

The first AE sign that ever appeared was a home made Æ sticker on Tomi’s helmet in 2014.

first adrenaline endorphin logo

First home made AE sticker (2014)

The official launch of the AE team was on 31st January 2015. It was the day when the team was on the road to the Briancon skicamp. Adri, Csaszi, Csongor, Dávid, Dorina, Encsi, Lilla, Szöcske, Tomi and Valesz was on that bus. The 1st KingOfTheAdrenaline and the 1st KingOfTheGoPro competition started on that day. As a result from that moment they called themselves the AE – Adrenaline & Endorphin Team.


The snowboarding team at Vars (2017)

In the March of 2017 the team was over 4 official snow camps and 2 kitesurf trips. The members also participated on different national and international competitions. Seems like it worth to start with this name.

Since 2015 the members landed many crazy new tricks with kitesurf nad snowboard:

  • Megaloop (kitesurf)
  • S-Bend (kitesurf)
  • Double BLT with Kiteloop (kitesurf)
  • 360 (ski and snowboard)
  • Backflip (snowboard)
  • Handplant (snowboard)

About the site

We upload our latest news about the members of our team. You can read about the trips and journey we did. Also get some information about the Hungarian extreme sport life and events.

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