Some big changes happened around the life of the AE team. New sponsors, new design!


Gergő Ónodi made a wonderful logo to our team. Check out this elegant design:


A new video intro is ready, and it will appear in every video.


The other big thing is about the sponsorship. There were some rumors about it, and some pictures were leaked. We are happy to announce that Tomi is sponsored by KiteLine with RRD kites!

Tomi tested the RRD Obsession MKVIII during April. He was satisfied with the performance of this adrenaline generator monster and he also agreed with the team about the sponsorship.

We already created a short video about Tomi using these kites on the Hungarian lakes. It is crazy how he jumps over piers. The video also contains a 6.2s long airtime jump over a bulrush. Check out the video and read the review on the kite below:

RRD Obsession review:

I tested the Obsession MK8 10.5m and the MK7 9m. Luckily I had the chance to test them in every condition (mostly the MK8 10.5m).

Read the review in our article.