On the very last day of the winter (28th Februry) the kite season stared in Hungary. After a cold winter warm South winds came and made it poosible to ride in 15 Celsius Degrees. The water was still around 5 Degrees.

Tomi could started to use his new kites RRD Obsession MK IX 9m and 12m. We will provide a short review later after we tests it more.

“The first session was amazing. Strong wind, warm air. I thought 1 hour will be more than enough due to the cold water. But it turned out that after 1.5 hours I wanted to go back but the wind dropped.

Huge airs. I cannot wish for more on the first session of the year after a 4 month break. The Obsession 9 gave me huge boosts. Also I gave a go to a kiteloop which was awesome.

Secons session wasn’t so good. I expected more on my side. The find was a bit too gusty. I didn’t pick the good size of kite, also didn’t adapt to the changing wind speed and chops well enough. Still it was a fun day. I could ride the 12m Obsession. WE had a nice grill in the sun after the session.”

On Saturday we also had an “Offical Hungarian Kite Season Starting” event. We got some photos.