Last Sunday was a gift day for every wind sport lover. There was a massive 25+ knots wind during the whole day. Also it was a weekend day, so many windsurfers and kitesurfers visited our lakes in the northwester wind. 2 members of the AE team visited the Sport Beach in Gárdony.


Tomi was kitesurfing while Encsi took some stunning pictures about the session. It was her first time shooting jumps but she did a great job.

 “She spent 3 hours in the strong wind waiting to capture the best airtime moments.” Says Tomi. It was his 2nd time this spring when the wind was good enough for practising jumps with a long air time.

 “I’m still uncertain about the landing, so I didn’t want to jump high close to the beach. Also the flat water is about 200 meters form the beach, so Encsi had a hard time following me with the lens.”

 After the session Encsi sorted the best 100 images. Then Tomi did the afterworks.

 Check out the best photos!