The AE Skicamp ended on 9th February. The Aftermovie is ready. Check it out!

The KingOfTheGoPro media taking competition’s winner is Valesz. Here is the winner photo.

Snowboard - indy Dávid.jpg

The winner of the KingOfTheAdrenaline was Csongor. He achived the chalange SuperHeartBeat. His pulse was 151 several hours after the accident. (He is now okay)

Lilla finnished at the 2nd place. She was the only one beyond Csongor who achived her personal challange. We measured a riding speed of 51km/h. It was more than enough for the Fast37, the challenge she got this year.


We would also like to congratulate to Encsi and Szöcske. Encsi was really close the achive the SpinningGirl challange. We think next year she would do this easily. Szöcske never landed the 180 to achive the FreeSkiMaffia challange, but he had some really nice tries.