Two riders of the AE team participated the III. BIG AIR BAG snowboard competiton this year. The weather was so warm that the competiton was only a one hour long event. The kicker was damaged too much after every jump so the shapers couldn’t build a really big one. The Winter Sport Festival was also taken in the Városliget today, so the organizer (BoardUp team) decided not to postpone the competiton.

The riders had half an hour to warm up for the competition after the BoardUp team fixed a technical problem. The cable strung-out in the warm weather, so they had to shorten it.

The competition started at 5pm in spotlight. The riders had 3 attempts to show their best trick. The best jump counted only.

Adri got a special award as the only woman competitor. It was her first time on a cable riding competiton. She also never landed on an air bag before. She landed nice straight jumps.


Tomi got the 5th place. He landed 2 backflips and a 180. It was his first time performing a backflip.

The Winner was Csaba Péteri with a Backside Rodeo Flip.

Check out the highlights video: