After an awesome start for the season it looks like the Hungarian kitesurfing competitions get some highlight.

First the Hungarian Kitesurf association announced a Hungarian Kitesurfing Cup and a National Championship Weekend. The chances that those weekends are going to be windy are really poor, but we hope for the best.

Now a local dealer decided to create a championship based on the Woo devices. We know that this is not the most accurate way to measure the height in a competitions, but it still makes a hype around progressive kitesurfing.

Hungarian Woo Big Air Contest

The #surfstationbigair2017 was announced by Berci.

  • The average height of the best 2 jumps count.
  • It is a season long big air competition.
  • Riders can submit from 20th May – 30th November.
  • Jumps count anywhere in Hungary or Neusidler See’s Austrian part.

From our team we have a big hope, Tomi who is competing for the crown. Also Kornél and Samu have a chance to get on the scoreboard.

First weekend

This weekend was a great start for the competition. 2 big air guys (Szegi and Bazsi) were gliding in Velence. With really high jumps they are at the ranking of 2nd and 3rd with 14.7m and 13.7m.

Tomi decided to go for the biggest wind that the forecast showed. So he spent the weekend in Podersdorf.

The weather wasn’t exactly as the forecast showed, but still very good for record breaking. I wish the water wasn’t so choppy.

Definitely he was lucky with the weather so he could score jumps over 14m. And also the record was 17.3m.

Tomi even made it for the GLOBAL Daily recorder

We are aware of it that it can be a mistake from the side of the WOO. But he had many jumps around 15m. He also remembers for one when everything was perfect.

The moment when you catch the wave perfectly, get a huge gust while already in the air, perform the perfect stifty is amazing. The results of the Woo is just the cherry in the coke.

The current standing can be watched on the #surfstationbigair2017 hashtag.

Good luck for every rider! Hope we will see new records. Take care!

Tomi was using his RRD Obsession 9m during his sessions. Read a review about it from him.