RRD Obsession MK8 10.5m

We tested the Obsession MK8 10.5m and the MK7 9m. Luckily I had the chance to test them in every condition (mostly the MK8 10.5m).

Strong winds:

First I was way overpowered with the 10.5 but it was amazing anyway. The pull at a jump was huge, I felt like I was shot by a slingshot to the sky. All the Obsessions are turning really fast, first it was weird, I had to concentrate on holding the kite at 12 o’clock to get long airtime. After I got used to it I realized it is an advantage. The transition jumps were better with it, and the loops are fast if you steer the kite hard.

Medium winds:

I had my best sessions of my life with this kite in a medium strong wind. I was sure about I can jump over piers and bulrushes. The wind was gusty anyway but with the bar system I could adjust the kite to it easily. It has a big depower ability. I was also able to go upwind easily when the wind was lower after a gust.

Light winds:

I could hardly say that the Obsession 10.5 is a light wind kite, but the performance was still amazing due to its fast steering ability. I am a 90+ kgs rider so I usually has to go back first to the beach when the wind starts to stop. Not this time! It was pulling way better then a same sized LF Envy with a 70kgs rider. Okay, my board was much bigger, but I was still able to jump transitions and small kiteloops.

The MK7 was definitely a bit stronger in the low end. I used the 9m in a sunset session when I normally couldn’t go with most of the 12m kites. I was still able to keep upwind in Sukoró in a SW wind conditions. Performing some rotational transition jumps on every tack. It would be a reason why I would buy the MK7, but stability and turning skills are much better on the MK8.

Other abilities:

As I mentioned, the Obsession MK8 is a super stable kite. It flies reliable also on the ground. I would barely worry about talking to someone on the Sóstó Surfbeach with  flying the kite over the fence. The 3 struts making the kite lighter then the previous versions (5 struts). It makes the kite stay up in lighter winds. This way you will almost always be able to bring the kite out dry.

Lets talk about the relaunch. It is super nice. Also in light winds, deep water, offshore winds I had no fear and problem about relaunching the kite.

Inflation: Pumping up goes fast due to the big valve (it looks like it is a must have at every kite now). Deflation is the fastest ever. Surely all the air will come out from the tubes at a deflation.

Bar (RRD Global Bar V5):

I used the Global Bar V5 (it is a bit older) but it worked perfectly. I like the rubber cover on the lines at the bar. It helps me not to get frayed my fingers during one-hand steering and emergency maneuvers.

The trim system shouldn’t be simpler and better than this. Easy to pull it it, Easy to adjust it to any position in any wind, easy to grab it and pull it before unhooked tricks. You can also depower the kite a lot with this system. Simple means: no extra lines, that could rip, tangle,  or do something unexpected.

I believe that choose RRD was a perfect decision. I hope that the 12m and the MK8 9m will be at least as good as these 2 kites were.