Kitesurfing equipment reviews

Spleene Foil Review

Spleene Kiteboarding is offering a cheap hydrofoil that works smooth in every conditions. I’ll mention the pros and cons of this hydrofoil setup but if you are thinking in an affordable solution to start kite foiling this is your gear…. Continue Reading →

RRD Obsession MK10 review (9m, 10.5m, 13.5m)

RRD Obsession MK10, Global Bar V8 review As every year I’m going to write down my opinion on the newest freestyle orientated kite of RRD, the RRD Obesession MK10. If you are interested in previous year’s models check out my… Continue Reading →

Ice board Blade

I got the honor to test out the Ice Board Blade. It is the product of Trawe, a Hungarian fellow kitesurfer. It is actually 4 piece of iceblades that you can install to any kind of board. It will be… Continue Reading →

Rigid Thread Lines – RRD kite lines

I have read good words about the Rigid Thread Lines (RRD’s kite lines). At local beaches I heard some mates comparing it with other brands’ kite lines and they liked mine. I always had good experience with it, trusted it… Continue Reading →

RRD Obsession MK9 review (12m, 9m)

RRD Obsession MK9, Global Bar V7 review I tested the RRD Obsession MK9 9m and 12m sizes for a long time now in Hungary, preseason (28th Feruary – 28th April). I’m a 95 kgs, 195 cms, advanced rider. RRD Obsession… Continue Reading →

RRD Obsession MK8 review

RRD Obsession MK8 10.5m We tested the Obsession MK8 10.5m and the MK7 9m. Luckily I had the chance to test them in every condition (mostly the MK8 10.5m). Strong winds: First I was way overpowered with the 10.5 but it… Continue Reading →

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