I have read good words about the Rigid Thread Lines (RRD’s kite lines). At local beaches I heard some mates comparing it with other brands’ kite lines and they liked mine.

I always had good experience with it, trusted it while in the air, I’ve never snapped a line. I use a little trim by default close to the end of the season after a year of use, because I felt like the power lines become a little bit longer.

Nowadays I saw RRD’s video about their newest bar, the Global Bar V8. It includes information about the Rigid Thread Lines.


They say other brands’ “Conventional Dyneema braided kite lines” stretch up to 1% longer under load (results a 25 cm longer power lines). The RRD Rigid Thread Lines use “Unidirectional Dyneema pre-tensined fibers” which only stretch up to 0.1% (2.5 cms).

I was just about to change my old Global Bar V7 to a the V8, so I decided to make a measurement.

I started to use the lines at the beginning of 2017. I used them around 70 sessions, long ones (3+ hours). I believe I gave a big load to the lines, since I’m 95 kgs, and performed big jumps (15-20m according to Woo), and some megaloops.

During a megaloop, I believe my lines get a huge load

It was time to measure the lines.

Max 6 cm stretch after 210 hours of kiting (95 kg rider)

The stretch is about 6 cms. I guess it is pretty good. Not 0.1% as the video says, but about 0.25%. Mates at the local beaches often showed me lower quality lines with 20-30 cm stretch. Now I’m glad looking forward to use Global Bar V8 next season.