We made a tour to Schladming during the long weekend. Got up 5 am on Saturday. Made the 5 hour drive to Schladming and had 4 complete days on the slopes.

If we had to call this tour somehow we would call it Freestyle training. There was an amazing FunPark with different lines. On the Pro line there was a 17m kicker jump.

“Planai was the best mountain out of Schladming’s four mountains, due to it’s Super Park” – said Tomi.

The SpotOn app works perfectly in the park. You just start the application you get back an edited video after every round. Check out this preview video!

Check out some stunning photos about Szöcske and Tomi in the Super Park, Planai:

We will make a freestyle film about this year’s snowboard freestyle moves. The movie’s title will be Unicum. Subscribe on Vimeo to AE Sports TV if you don’t want to miss it!

Tomi also had a super fast, tracked round. 89km/h on a snowboard.

“It was early in the morning. There was nobody on the slopes. The steep slope was super smooth” – Tomi