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BUEK TOUR 2K16 – Nassfeld

The first ski training of the year just started. We had bunch of guys and ladies who were gliding on the slopes of Nassfeld. Tomi had his first 360s.

New freeride movie

After Absinthe, the great movie, the AE team made its own freeride movie calles Palinka. The team only had its highlight clips of the tours they did until now. Fortunatelly there were gigabytes of resources for a great freeride movie…. Continue Reading →

Briancon 2015

The AE Skicamp ended on 9th February. The Aftermovie is ready. Check it out! The KingOfTheGoPro media taking competition’s winner is Valesz. Here is the winner photo. The winner of the KingOfTheAdrenaline was Csongor. He achived the chalange SuperHeartBeat. His… Continue Reading →

III. Big Air Bag Jam

Two riders of the AE team participated the III. BIG AIR BAG snowboard competiton this year. The weather was so warm that the competiton was only a one hour long event. The kicker was damaged too much after every jump so… Continue Reading →

Isola 2014

The first highlights video about the members of the AE team is ready. In this short movie you can watch the best moments of this year’s ski camp. At least watch the first 3 minutes to decide wheter it worth… Continue Reading →

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