Last weeken Tomi participated on the toughest kitesurfing marathon in the world. The competition was in Fehmarn, Germany. The 500 riders had to surf through the Baltic Sea to Denmark and back. The Distance is 40 kms, but the wind direction can cause that the distance can be even longer.

“It was a 23-hour-journey to the event place. I met some nice people who helped me set up my tent and cook food. Also we had some fun during Friday night and on Saturday, since the competition was held on Sunday due to the wind conditions.

On Sunday there were a 20 knots wind, so it was perfect for racing. Unfortuantelly the wind direction caused that the track had a heavy upwind part and an almost totally downwind part. All the twintip racers had to make extra tacks to go up to the buoy. I was going upwind an extra 35 kms that took an extra hour.

Az útvonalam.png
81 kms due to the tough wind direction

My start was perfect. I was in the leader board with all the raceboards. Once I was at 24th position (You can watch it here, my staring number was 591). They were able to reach the buoy without any turns so I got behind them.

Most of the riders never turned around the buoy. There were only about 70 kiters who did it. I was one of them, so I am happy that I made the tour to Denmark and back. It was 81 kms for me.”

Check out Tomi’s video about his adventure on the Red Bull Coast 2 Coast: