Ruben Lenten organizes the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge every year. A kitesurfing competition with the moto of: Vertical, Horizontal, Radical. Basically the winner is the rider who makes the highest jump with the most extreme kiteloop.

The Redbull Megaloop Challenge will take place in Netherland. The wind window is from 1st April to 1st November. Ruben Lenten will announce the competition if a strong 35+ knots wind comes from the right direction.

This year the excitement is really big, because last year due to the lack of good wind the competition was not held.

This year there are 8 invited riders to competiton. Includin:

  • Jerrie van de Kop (former winner in 2013)
  • Lasse Walker (former winner in 2015)
  • Steven Akkersdijk

Open application

Other 8 riders are being selected by Ruben Lenten and his team. To compete for a place in the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge, a rider should submit a video performing the biggest megaloops he could.

Tomi decided to give it a shot

The submission period was until the 16th March. Unfortunately there wasn’t any good wind to shoot a good megaloop video. We also didn’t have it in stock, because Tomi didn’t learn to jump megaloops too much time ago.

Luckily the submission period was extended.

On the last 2 days there was a pretty good forecast for kitesurfing. Sunday the wind was blowing with 35+ knots for 2 hours.

I had my biggest kiteloops ever

Unfortunatelly Tomi wasn’t recording the action on Sunday. The forecast was still looking good for Monday, so he decided with Kornél, to go to Lake Velence in the early morning.

Tomi’s submission

The wind was weird. Not exactly the same as the forecast showed. But they were lucky and they could catch the peak of the front. Around 9:30-10:00 AM the wind was blowing from 23-32 knots (very gusty). It was enough to perform some bigger kiteloops and record them.

These loops weren’t so big as on Sunday, but I was still happy that I could record them

The chances are really low that Tomi will qulify to the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge because the 31 riders who applied are very talented. But the video is really nice and can show the skills that a Hungarian rider can catch up here on our lakes.

Submissions can be watched on the Red Bull Megaloo Challenge offical website.

Here you can watch Tomi in action with his RRD Obsession 9m (23m lines) on Lake Velence (Sport Beach Spot)

If this year I won’t be selected, I won’t give up, I’ll try my best to qualify next year.