The 25+1 tricks challange starts today. Dávid and Tomi are taking the challenge. The winner will get the King Of The Kite title.


 The name of the challenge refers to 25+1 tricks that has never been performed by the competitors before. The winner will be the rider who successfully completes the more tricks from the list until the end of the summer.

 It is a good motivation for both Dávid and Tomi. They have to learn the more of these freestyle tricks to get the best place in the competiton. They both started kitesurfing in the summer of 2012. Tomi had a few more days in the wind so he already performed some simple jumps, and once he was balancing a toeside ride for a few seconds, which finally ended with a big fail. We have seen Dávid to glide on the water. Unfortunatelly since an accident that had happend to him on the summer of 2013 he hasn’t spent too much time on the water.

 Let’s see the list! The 25+1 trick:

 There are 6 different trick categories with different numbers of tricks.

 The first category is the Basic skills. In this group there are easier toeside glidings and toeside transitions. The riders can score points by performing most of the tricks also in switch direction, so this way hopefully they will be able to show good style in both directions.

 The second category contains Surface tricks. The Dark slide and the Handplant are here. These are very spectecular tricks and it is a good practise for the kiteloop since both trick requires the rider to loop the kite.

 The third category contains 9 tricks. All of them are Grabs. These are very the same, so the competitors can score more then the fourth of the total reachable scores if they learn a stable 4-6 meters high jump with good control. This is one of the main purpose of this summer.

 The fourth category is the Board off tricks. The One footer and Superman is in this group. These are both advanced jumps. The jump has to be about 6-8 meters high, and it requires a fine kite handling for the longer hangtime. We think that both of them would be happy if they could perform any of these tricks.

 An other big category is the fifth group. There are 7 Rotations in this category. We belive that they will be able to perform the Backrolls for sure. The question is wheter they will land a Flatline 360. The 360 is still a trick that has never been performed by them on snowboard. Will the power of the kite take them high enough to cross out this trick from the list?

 The last category is called the Big Air Style. The invert comes to this group. The reason is because a nice invert needs a long hangtime. The +1 trick is the Megaloop which is also in this category. We don’t see a big chance for that the competitors will perform this trick, because a rider has to be very advanced to succefully land a jump with a huge kiteloop in the air. We have putted this in the list as a +1 because who knows what will happen this summer. Maybe landing this trick will make the winner.

 The summer:

 The guys still has to take some exams on the University. They will also has to do some internship this summer. Surely it will difficult for them to catch the windy days here in Hungary. They may compiting on the Lake Velence on a windy evening. Or you can see them on water near Fonyód at the Lake Balaton on weekends.

 Fortunatelly there will be a one week long kite tour in Rhodes in July. It will be a good opportunity to score points on the sea since there is a 89% of chance for a wind bigger than 4 Beaufort on the island every day.