The summer of 2015 is over now. It was a wonderful season of extreme sports. Remember that there were some wakeboarding days in Dunaharaszti. The was blowing a lot. Tomi and Dávid also visited Prassonissi.

After this 3 month of practise Dávid made a big improvement in kitesurfing. He is going upwind professionally now and he can jump on waves. We think he will cross out a stunt from the 25+1 tricks list. It will be a good challange for him next year. Hopefully he will have more freetime next season.


Tomi was able to concentrate on the tricks on the list. He performed 20 out of 26. We realised that 5 of the remaining tricks are really difficult. But he is on a good way to cross out the 21st trick, tha method from the list. Now he is practising the tricks in order how the progression DVD teaches it. He almost finished the intermediate DVD. He has to add more style to his rolls (like grabs or more height). The double front roll is still waiting for him. He has to practise the transition jumps. Great news he can jump double backrolls, despite it was not on the 25+1 tricks list.

The best photo was shot in Prassonissi by Dávid. It is an invert performed by Tomi.


There is a good chance for good winds on the Hungarian lakes in September and October. Hopefully Tomi can finish the progression level intermediate and Dávid can join him on a session.

On the first day of September Tomi had a good downwind session on the Lake Velence. He enjoyed a 17m Ozone Zaphyre kite. The kite didn’t enjoyed the trip so much.


Here you can follow the route. It was not tracked it is just a figure to understand it. Unfortunatelly Tomi didn’t make the yellow part of the tour due to his problem with the kite.

From november we will concentrate more on snowboarding and snowkiting.