25+1 challenge

Summer ended

The summer of 2015 is over now. It was a wonderful season of extreme sports. Remember that there were some wakeboarding days in Dunaharaszti. The was blowing a lot. Tomi and Dávid also visited Prassonissi. After this 3 month of… Continue Reading →


Tomi and Dávid returned from their kitesurfing trip. They were practising in Prassonissi for a week. Read this report from Tomi about their journey. We packed up our stuff on Monday into two big golfbags. 31 kgs each. Everything went… Continue Reading →

June Kitesurfing

One third of the summer is over. There were a few days with perfect conditions for gliding in June. Tomi crossed out 4 stunts from the 25+1 tricks challenge. David had a chance to practise gliding on the surface of… Continue Reading →

King Of The Kite – 25+1 tricks challenge

The 25+1 tricks challange starts today. Dávid and Tomi are taking the challenge. The winner will get the King Of The Kite title.  The name of the challenge refers to 25+1 tricks that has never been performed by the competitors before. The… Continue Reading →

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