Tomi and Dávid returned from their kitesurfing trip. They were practising in Prassonissi for a week. Read this report from Tomi about their journey.


We packed up our stuff on Monday into two big golfbags. 31 kgs each.

Everything went successfully on the airport. Our equipment arrived in one piece to the Diagoras airport of Rhodes.

We picked up our car. We got a white Suzuki Alto. We could pack everything in to the back of the car.


We spent our first night in Faliraki. They served us 2 dl ouzo for 2 euros at the pool. During the night we didn’t get too much sleep due to the mosquitos, ants and cicadas.

On the next morning we checked the spot in Kremasti. There the side-shore wind was not strong enough. So we decided to head down to the south. It was a 1.5 hour drive to Prassonissi.


The view was amazing there. I felt like I arrived to the Paradise.

 The wind was about 18 knots strong on that day. We had our first glides.


 After we finally had our first session in Prassonissi we set up a tent in the bushes.


We usually had 2 or 3 sessions per day. One of them was in the sunset. We spent 6 hours daily on the water.

We made some nice shots. Also in sunset, and on both sides of the beach (wave and flat side)


We had breakfast and lunch in the car in the parking area.

We ate dinner in some bars. Gyros plate was our favourite. Sometimes we ate in Prassonissi, but we spent some dinners in Kattavia (10 kms from Prassonissi)

One night we ordered 500 mls of ouzo for 5 euros.


We slept well in our tent. The sun woke up us at 8:20 every morning.

We met nice people. Aviatar helped me find a czech lady who fixed my kite (a small dash on my tube).


After 6 days of practise Dávid is very confident on the water. Now he can go upwind easily in big waves also. He performed some small jumps on waves.

I was very happy that I learnt 13 tricks from my list. I practised backroll in switch direction. I made many grabs. My favourite trick is the invert. I think it is not too difficult, but it is very spectecular.



On the last day we pack up our stuff. Travelled back to Kremasti. And flown home.

We decided to go back next year. It was an unbelievable week in the wind.

Check out for more pictures in the media: Prassonissi 2015

Here are the tricks that Tomi already crossed out from the trick-list. We think Dávid will cross out his first on his next session.