Chapter Greece – Nomad Kite Tour 2017 is a web series that shows our trip in Greece on 5 different kitesurfing places. The Episode 3 is created at Patras with it’s famous kite spot: Cape Drepano.

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After we had a wonderful day in Flatland, we slept a good one (after 4-5 hours of riding). In the morning, after breakfast we left the spot and headed to the Peloponnesos the to famous spot: Cape Drepano. Back in Lefkada Julien showed us a video where Youri Zoon visits this spot. It looked like a must see place. Since 2004 it is possible to reach the Peloponnesos from the North through Rio-Antirrio bridge (costs 13.3 EUR to cross one way). It is a bit tricky to reach the spot, since it is behind a factory, and you have to cross it. (Huge vehicles are also crossing the road)

The place is really small. It has a parking lot for about 30-40 cars. The shore is pebbly. There are some trees making a little shadow.

First afternoon

Before we had our first session we had a short sleep. After the previous session in Flatland it was mandatory.

As we arrived it was very strong wind. With 9m I had megaloops, Kornél with his 7m had big jumps. The spot is very crowdy in the afternoons. Even to launch a kite is a bit tricky. The flat area during the summer is small, because of the higher sea level. Other places are choppy. It is difficult to cooperate with the windsurfers. There is a rotation system: everybody coming from the left side arriving to the flat part, launching a trick, then going back on the downwind part. For riders preferring to jump going to left it can be hard. There were guys with 5m and 7m performing nice air-passes.

I had a good session, first time with really strong wind since I left Hungary. But I thought it will be a better spot. It is not as good for me as I saw in Youri’s video.

Morning session

After we had a great grill during the evening, and slept well during the night our Swiss neighbours suggested to wake up early and catch the softer wind in the morning.

It was a great idea. Before breakfast we had a perfect session. Just the 4 of us on the water. With 12m it was perfect. I could perform all my moves. Later when we started to get tired some more riders arrived. Also Paula Novotna was there having a photograph session with Svetlana Romanova.

We had to leave the spot around 11, because we had an appointment at Patras with a representative of the Hungarian embassy. After 3 days, Kornél again had a passport, so he could go home. (Not as if he wanted to…)

Conquer the bridge

As we had to go to the west side of Patras, and we were not rushing back to the spot since our plan was to ride in the late afternoon when the crowd goes home we had a little chill in the city. When we were at the beach, and wind was already blowing there also we had a huge idea: Why not downwind from there to Cape Drepano? The best part would be to go underneath the famous bridge. It wasn’t a long discussion, we decided to do it. Only one of us could do it since the other had to drive the van. We didn’t know how will be the wind under the bridge. Also the wind on that shore wasn’t so strong, but at Cape Drepano it was already OP for 9m. Kornél gave me the opportunity to make this trip, and he drove back the car.

After lunch, and some mental preparation I wrote Kornel’s phone number on my arm, pumped up my 9m and decided to do this tour.

I was a bit nervous. I didn’t even knew if it is legal, the only thing I knew, that the wind could be tricky under the bridge, and that can result a long swimming, or even losing my equipment.

Finally everything worked out well it was a smooth ride. There was plenty place for the kite under the bridge. I only had to be careful behind the pillars. So I guess next step is Chain Bridge in Hungary or Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

After the downwind both of us had a little ride at Cape Drepano. We also recorded some videos there.

Last night

All in all we had 2 good days in Drepano. The downwinder made it even more exciting. We also met nice people from Switzerland and Italy, with whom we had a lovely grill night together last night.

This was the only spot I’m not really interested to go back. I think the wind comes here every day which is a pro for this spot. But other conditions are not the best here (during summer)

We created a short video about the spot and our skills. Hope you will enjoy our episode.

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