Chapter Greece – Nomad Kite Tour 2017 is a web series that shows our trip in Greece on 5 different kitesurfing places.

Every Wednesday from 13th September to 11th October you can tune in for a new part of the series to

The films were made in

    • Lefkada


    • Flatland


    • Cape Drepano


    • Raches


  • Limnos

The series includes

    • cliff diving


    • kiting under a bridge


    • climbing up on a satellite


    • kiteloops in strong wind


    • freestyle training in flat water


  • and a lot of SMILE

The idea of the trailer was inspired by the ‘Chapter One’ – The kiteboarding legacy begins trailer ( It is an awesome edition.
The music from Electric Cinema is also a super hit for this theme.
I encourage everybody to buy the film and watch it (
We know that our trailer is not as good the original one, but this is our way how we honor the original one.

The style of the web series was also inspired by Ruben Lenten’s On the fly series ( Also a great story and incredible pictures.

Hope you will enjoy our edition.
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