The winter of 2019 in Hungary was much better for snowkiting than we expected. Last year we had a pretty awesome season at Tés which is a big high-land above Lake Balaton (check out our article). This year we had some fun sessions in Budapest.

There is a mountain at the edge of Budapest called Hármas Határ Hegy (often called: HHH). On the mountain there is a small airport covered with grass. The climate of the mountain keeps the cold pretty well so the snow can stay for long so whenever some wind comes we can ride there.

This year some North winds were strong enough that it could give us some enjoyable days with bigger sizes of kites. The forecast was 20-25 knots it was perfect with my 13.5m Obsession. The real wind speed was just about 15 knots.

Snejdy created a pretty cool theme video about our session. Check it out: