We are selling a kite that was just opened and used once for 2 hours so it is brand new. We are selling it with a bar that was shipped originally with it: Ozone Wakestyle Bar (45cm, 23m lines, 4 lines)

The price is 1000 EUR

Reason why I sell: I wanted to try a kite like this I thought that I’ll like it more than my RRD Obsession but I didn’t like it that much. For wakestyle the AMP is better. Kiteloops are really nice and fast. Ruben Lenten uses this kite. But for me, for gusty Hungarian winds, I prefer other kites. I used it only for 2 hours so it is in perfect condition. I ship with every accessory: Bag, repair kit, Len10 megaloop bridles, 5 line conversation kit, manuals, safety line replacement.

If you like to buy a kite that won’t pull your hand strong on unhooked tricks. Or you want the kite to reach 12 after kiteloops. This is your deal. I’m in Europe. I can ship it.

Contact: [email protected]

If you need RRD Obsession also contact me.